Help! problem with GTX480

I bought a Gigabyte GTX480 Soc and I have a very odd problem with it. When installed, it worked fine until i rebooted, where i get a bluescreen next time it tries to enter windows. The only was to get it to boot into windows again is by taking it out, putting my old 9800gtx back in, letting that do a full boot, then shutting down and reinserting the 480. Ive had enough of my system not working correctly and i am on the verge of buying a new mobo cpu setup instead unless anyone has any suggestions?

My mobo is an asus p5nd with an intel q9300 at stock speed.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the most current drivers and used oc guru to wipe all traces of nvidia drivers from the system when i reinstalled them.

Help please :(
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  1. Your GTX 480 is probably defective.RMA it
  2. or even better if its had problems from day 1 and is within 14 days of purchase you dont need to rma it, its DOA, return it strait to where you bought it from for a new one.
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