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I've noticed that my stock Phenom II X4 980 w/Zalman CNPS5X HSF has rather high idle temps according to AMD Overdrive's reporting. 41.5C But when I check the temp reported in BIOS (also at idle obviously), it's only 32C. So, I decided to run Core Temp, and it reads only 30C at idle. Can AMD Overdrive's temp reporting be that far off? I don't know what to believe.
I haven't tried to get temps under load yet because I just changed the thermal compound from the Zalman stuff back to the Arctic 5 Silver I've always used in the past*. I want to wait till the break-in time is over before I do a Prime95 run.

* I used Arctic Cleaner and Purifier, then tinned the surfaces with the Arctic 5 Silver first as per the instructions.
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    Core Temp, BIOS > AMD Overdrive
  2. Boldor is right. AMD Overdrive seems to be reporting wrong. Also the "break-in" time for AS5 is quite long. Normally it can take up to a year for it to do its best. I have only seen one take a short amount of time but its hard to find, IC Diamond TIM.

    But stick with Core Temp. Its much more accurate.
  3. Thanks to both of you for your replies. I would tend to agree with the assumption that Overdrive is totally wrong. Yes, I'm going to stick with CoreTemp. I just wish AMD processors had individual core sensors like Intel instead of a single temp sensor for the CPU package. And as far as the break-in period, Arctic reports 200 hours of heat and cool cycles... less if one tins the surfaces first. So, yes, a year would be about right. Thanks again.
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