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How do you upgrade the RAM in a Toshiba Satellite 1695CDT??
I'm buying my girlfriend's Dad memory for Christmas, but I have never worked on a laptop before. I couldn't find anything useful on Toshiba's site. According to it uses SODIMM.
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  1. Nope, wrong series, but thanks anyway.
    It comes with 64MB RAM and you can add 1 (yes only 1!!!) stick of 32, 62 or 128MB of RAM. I've never bought anything off of ebay and RAM is the last thing I'd want to buy from an auction. Crucial is only $50 for 64MB.
  2. I have a Toshiba T4900CT and the add-on memory is on a stick, like flash memory, that is inserted in a slot on the upper back left side of the laptop. You just plug it in. If you don't have a manual, see if you can download one from Toshiba's site.

  3. When you upgrade the RAM, unplug from the mains, and remove the battery before inserting RAM.
  4. Actually giving your gf's dad a stick of RAM? Hmmm... I thought you were suppose to give something more attractive like... a Rolex? Maybe he's a tech freak :smile: NO offense.

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  5. Well do you have any other ideas??? I am building my girlfriend a new computer so I don't want to go any more into debt. A Rolex?? Sorry but I think wearing any watch that is more than $100 is just stupid. My $35 Timex w/ Indiglo is just fine. Myabe if I won the lotto and had nothing better to do w/ my money.... no wait, even still I'd rather give some money to a charity than waste it on a watch.

    A 64MB stick of RAM is only $50 from crucial, I just have to find out if it will work. I would assume so as the manual says it uses "proprietary" RAM which is probably BS so you buy their RAM (actually Kingston) at a much higher price. The same 64MB stick is $120 from Kingston, at Crucail I could get 128MB for $100!!!
  6. OK I was joking. Over here the Samsung PC133 SDRAM sells for only US$78... haha

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