Internet connection is slower on windows 7 than on xp

Hello,my internet connection on my pc which has windows 7 runs slower than on my laptop which has xp installed.Sometimes the net pages just do not open.I have to refresh a thousand times before getting it.I use the same connection for the laptop and my pc and also the same router.Please HELP
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  1. Check your IPv4 settings in Win7. Could be a dns issue, timing out if it is set for a slow or very remote location.

    Do a trace route to google and see where is bottlenecks:
    press start, type in cmd, type in tracert of google's ip's). The result will show you the route that the data is traveling through the internet and if there is something along the way slowing you down, you will be able to see. Then go try it in XP see if the times and routes are the same in tracert.

    Also, go to the command line, type in ping, then ping the ip address that shows up, if the ping is alot faster when you ping the ip and not the name then its definitly a dns issue
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