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So i just built this desktop 3 days ago and ive been having this problems on and off. every time i try to connect to starcraft or world of warcraft, the internet connection drops and reconnects. i can browse the internet and watch videos just fine but everytime i try to connect to a game, the connection drops. if you need more information on the specs of the comp just ask which.

thanks in advance
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  1. i also notice when i am able to get on, its extremely laggy with latencies up to 6000 ms
  2. Hi,
    A friend of mine is currently having very similar issues with the exact same games primarily SC2, WoW and he was also unable to get TF2 working. SC2 was working just fine until he moved away from his router (apparently he's just one floor above the router). Now he is unable to log in to SC2 or WoW and has upwards of 7k latency+ if it does for some reason let him on. He's using a stock ISP router and a "300mb/s Wireless N wireless card" (make is ADDON, I think).

    I also had simillar issues with a (fairly cheap) wireless G card (Atheros AR5007G) I have in my computer for utility. Couldn't log on to any online games, and when I did get on to WoW once or twice, I had upwards of 8-10k latency. I was basically one floor up and a room along from the wireless router. I moved the router upstairs so it is now next to the computer and the wireless card works flawlessley (although obviously since it is next to the computer I am using ethernet).

    I know absoloutley nothing about wireless networks, but it seems like the computer is just too far away from the router or something?

    - Daichin
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