Fan Controller advice please

Evening peeps, can I please ask (hope right section)

Will I need a fan controller? if so, should I get one with temp gauge? If so, please recommend, prefer red LED if needed

My spec

Haf X Tower with 1 x 230mm Fan. 3 x 200mm Fans, 1 x120mm Fan & 1 x 140mm Fan, 1090T CPU, IV Formula Mobo, 4GB Ram, HD6950, 212+ HSF

Building this now, I have all the components other than HSF, I plan to OC CPU to 4.1 & 6950 already @ 830 but plan to OC that too to around 900+

Thanks for looking & hope u can help ;)


PS: I do plan to crossfire & then prob add another 80mm fan for GPU's
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  1. Q: Will you need a fan controller? A: No, but if you would still like one i definetely would recommend a Scythe Kaze Master Pro. Great value for money and atleast ist backlit! :)
  2. Thanks for the reply, tbh, I dont want one as less cables in the case the better for me

    Ive never built a pc from scatch b4 & as Ive gone for a decent spec, I didnt want to miss anything off

    Thanks for the reply, I suspect I will bypass it ;)

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