Hey guys so ive got a pretty important question!

Which case??

BiteFenix Collosus


Corsair 600t

Corsair 650d

CM 690 II


Silverstone Raven rv03

Antec p193

Enermax Volcanus

Or any of your suggestions

This case will have a sabertooth 990fx, phenom ii x6, 2 asus 6950 so help me out toms forum
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  2. Out of those, i definetely see two top contenders as the Corsair 650d and the
    BiteFenix Collosus. They are both very well made, spacious and quite well designed.

    But in the end, As far as your case is of these one of these brands, its just a matter of more money - better case:
    Cooler Master
    Fractal Deisgn
    Lian Li
  3. Silverstone RV02
  4. silverstone is quite nice and cheap, but i dont like it how you have to screw the HDD on the back.

    You never considered thermaltake mk1 or the coolermaster haxf?
    Lian Li has some really nice cases but they are so expensive
  5. 2x 6950 ..your gonna want some 'breathing room' ..also things to consider , the WIDTH of case ..some HSF will these days with just barely fit , and actually wont fit in some case due to hi rise HS .. some other thing to consider ..is PSU design for Top or Bottom or mount ..does it have fan options on very bottom (flat) to push up , and how is the exhaust on top and back, does it have options for adding add'l fans ..that being said , I absolutely LUV my Lian Li , worth every penny imho, but I build and tinker a lot , if your just gonna build and close it out , and not upgrade or do anything for a while , might not be worth to you..but having worked with numerous other cases , I simply LUV the Lian Li, it is a pleasure to build with, mine is an older full tower 6 bay so it's bigger and has plenty of room, but everything fits nicely with it..not that some other cases arent quite nice as well ..
  6. Coolermasters are very nice cases.

    I recommend this beautiful case!

  7. I'd recommend the cooler master haf 912, if you're on a budget. It can fit any size gpu in it as well as big cpu coolers such as the cooler master v6 gt and 212+. The air flow is also very good.

    You can get one from newegg for $60 + $6 shipping. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119233

    If you're not on a budget, or want a full tower, I recommend the HAF X.
  8. Better off getting a full tower in my opintion.
    Think about it, mid tower range from 80-150ish. Full tower 140-400ish
    But, since the case design is soo damn good, it will pretty much last a life time.

    Full tower = more space & better for air flow.
    Chances are most likely the case will last you 10-20yrs.
  9. OK thanks for all the responses... i think ive brought it down to a few

    Coolermaster haf X

    silverstobne tj11b

    Silverstone rv03

    corsair 600t

    corsair 650d

    i no its still not a very short list but its getting there
  10. Oh and the bitfenix collosus
  11. Another Silverstone case to seriously consider if you can afford it is the FT02, the best air cooled case around, heres mine.

  12. WOW Its really nice!!
  13. Heres some more

  14. DAMN! because of the arangment in my room... the main side with windows and motherboard part will have to be on the left.... that case is not going to work
  15. Yeah i had the same issue, but i loved the case so much, i re-arranged my whole room.
  16. haha
  17. So after some research on linus tech tips ive cut the list down again!

    Cooler Master Haf X

    Silverstone Raven RV03

    Corsair 650d

    Corsair 600t

    and lastly BitFenix Collosus
  18. OK well my opinion is, ive had the HAF X, which is a truly good case, but a bit to much plastic for my liking, looks wise,

    RV03, again looks wise too much plastic but ive heard and read some great things about it.

    The Corsair Cases do look good but i did here somebody mention that they have problems with cable routing options ??
  19. k anything on the collosus??
  20. In the same boat mate :/

    Im personally stuck between the rv02 and the 650d. Though i cant find the 650d anyware in singapore :P
  21. Sorry buddy, i know nothing about that case.

    I tell you another really great air cooled case i owned before my FT02 was the Antec 1200v3, its massive and brilliant cooling.

    Heres the pics of my old 1200

  22. Just to say i love your setup... in your pics :D
  23. Based on your current options:
    BitFenix Colossus > Corsair 650d

    Although I do recommend you to take a look at the Antec 1200. I myself own such a case right now and I'm totally satisfied.

    + Much room for components
    + Great design
    - The quality of some things aint 100%

    + Somewhat room for components
    + Good quality, well made
    - The look of it is abit outdated in my opinion

    + Much room for components
    + Good quality, well made
    + VERY good cooling and options for even more fans
    + Quite stylish
    - Little shielding for front-panel cables (minor)
    - Not that much room for cables behind the backplate (minor)

    PS: The Antec has a little brother, the 900. It offers the same but with a little less room for less $$. Perfect if you dont want to have a meter of aluminium beside you :)
  24. k thanks ill look into the antec now
  25. The antec 1200 just abit old and me personally does not like the look of it :(

    So do you think i should buy collosus??
  26. In my opinion: go for it. I've built two rigs in it and its a pleasure. I like the looks of it aswell so its a win-win.

    It seems that im not the only one, a quick google search shows that countless of sites has given it good reviews.
  27. Just ordered it in the venom version... :)
  28. Got some pics or links to that venom, would like a look too.
  29. will do... well ill try :/ its going to my home ( different country )
  30. Good choice. Hope you will enjoy it :D
  31. can you fit the corsair h100 hydro cooler in the collossus venom?

    this case here is nice http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=25_238&products_id=17987
    nzxt phantom
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