Games stuttering possible CPU damage?

Hi Tom's Hardware Forum:)

I'm looking for help with an issue I've had for VERY long time. SInce I bought my PC I guess. It is as Following:

I Stutter in most games. it occours like clockwork every second. It starts after about 10 minutes of gameplay or so. Maybe less.
The games that stutter is: BFBC2. BF3(beta) Vindictus(beta) Rift, COD black ops. and WoW. the games that doesn't stutter is: HoN, LoL, Cs, HL2DM Mw2.

I've tried: Formatting. and fresh install of Windows7 x64bit Diagnostics of HDD; which turned out to be fine. A new Graphics card from the waranty of my pc, cause I thought that was the issue.

Please help me! I'm lost.

Sincerely Migerio

AMD Phenom x4 3,40 GHz.
4 gigs of Ram 1337 or so Mhz
Ati Radeon 5850HD with Cooler(I think)
500gigs hdd from WD
750Watt psu from CombatPower
Wind 7 64bit
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  1. What are your temps? :)
  2. How do I find my temps? link webpage of the program please := ?
  3. Woah, I suppose this is serious ***:

    My gfx card in gameplay is roughly 52 degrees celsius hot, Hdd is 32 degrees and TMpin0 is 42 degrees tmpin1 is 78 degrees and tmpin2 is 81 degrees wtf? It says all my cores are above 78 degrees I am so frustrated
  4. What should I do ?
  5. Shut down the game, CPu temp is now 40 degrees, the fan speeds r :
    Fans PWM:
    Fans pwm0 0% 0% 0%
    Fans pwm1 0% 0% 0%
    Fans pwm2 99% 99% 99%
    1 Min: 1550Rpm max: 2450rpm.
    2 min 1550 rpm max 2450 rpm.
  6. First thing first is to check your graphics settings in the AMD Catalyst Control Center. Make sure Morphological AA and/or Super Sampling AA are not enabled under your 3D Settings.

    Make sure HBAO is disabled in game (just because it is demanding) for BF BC2 and BF3.

    Your CPU cores appear to be running hot... perhaps invest in a better cooler. Your power supply is of a no-name brand. I've never heard of Combat Power... you sure they're capable of delivering the required Amperage and Voltages on the 5v and 12v rails to the CPU, Mobo and GPU?
  7. My brother got a computer exactly the same, and it works like a charm. ANd I actually bought a cooler for the CPU. it's not the crappy stock one.
  8. None of the specifications in the Control Center is on. Hbao and aa in bfbc2 is off as well. I am informing the company about the temps atm.
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