Shaw gaming viper 1000w psu

in australia this thing is selling for only 37bucks.
So cheap yet i wonder how goes the quality of this psu?

Anyone know any reviews on this psu unit?
for something so cheap its very tempting to buy, but i dont know much about the brand as psu are very important, crapy ones might run a risk on blowing up my pc due to too many volts if it becomes defective.
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  1. How much does an Antec EA500 cost there ?
  2. A fact of life mate is " You get what you pay for".
    So if its cheap in price then its cheap in build, so avoid.
  3. shaw grossly over rate their products

    stay away its utter crap
  4. That brand is ???

    Its recommended to establish brand like corsair, antec, seasonic...etc.

    Check the review at
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    consider establish brand like Corsair, antec, seasonic...etc.

    After spending lots of $$ for computer hardware its best to use quality PC.
  6. quality I mean PSU
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