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New build won't post

Hello, it's a gigabyte Z-77 UD3H
Intel i5 3570K
8 gig geil ddr3 - 2100
I have the issue, tha my new build is stuck in a reboot loop and I don't know what I'm missing.
I have: tried just 1 stick of mem
unplugging wires that arent neede for bpost to bios
used my anti-static strap as allways.
it;s late & i'm starting to feel wasted & sick over this
any guru have soe ideas
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  1. try changing the memory slots for the ram?
  2. will do dude, i already took 1 chip out for awile
    says to use the #1 #2 slots

    also should have added;; showing code e3 or 53
    i need some sleep
  3. please follow the sticky, then post back 99% odds your issue is in there
  4. it the ram..the mb cant set the system bus speed becuase the mb cant read the ram spd info right. if the ram has a stock spd info it should have defaulted to 1333 or 10666 speed after a reboot. i would try your local micro center or best buy or computer store for a set of ram that on the mb qal list or a dimm that 1600 or less in speed.
  5. Okay guys i've tried several more tricks & thought Dude & Smorizio had something going on the memory angle..
    I put 1 DDR3 1600 mem chip in but i'm still not getting anything on screen or any kind of post.. showing codes of 15 & 19 now..

    I've noticed that i'm not the 1st to have this problem
    All my previous builds have went pretty straight-forward

    I'm baffled & hoping for guru help..

    As for Unksol saying to read the stickies.
    I've read the Gigabyte one & others but they are kind of old & outdated on info. some good tips though.
    1 thing i've never understood is why everyone wants to switch from SATA to ACHI in the Bios ??
  6. have you tried now taking the mb out of the case to see if it shorting out to the case?? if it does the same thing outside the case.check under the cpu for bent pins. code 19 was for southbridge chipset error.
  7. Smorizio i was hoping to avoid pulling the MB, but if that's my next move. so be it !!
    Appreciate all you guys Help..

    pa: i was very carefull as always about the location & # of standoffs. but i gues it could be something else.. just don't know what...

    i may have to stop my hobby..
    been told i've gotten cararacts fogging my vision.

    Keep the ideas coming guys !!
    I've never had to do this, but i wonder what Micro Center would charge to put their test equipment on to troubleshoot? That's where i bought MB/CPU/Case/VideoCard/HD & other stuffs...???
    Anybody had to do that ???

  8. Pulled M/B
    Cleaned & reinserted CPU w/new artic
    Tried Different P/S
    Memory was changed to DDR3 1600 fully seated
    Tried to post with M/B removed from case [standoffs & screws were correct]
    Removed Video Card
    Reset Bios Pins
    Probably forgetting other things i've tried

    If this wasn't a brand spanking new setup it would be sledge hammer time for me..

    I'm frustrated
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    sounds like you done all you can...I would return the mb first if mc is close. sound like there an issue with the mb.
  10. Thanks for all your Help Smorizio, we have come to the same conclusion..
    Again, i truely appreciate all your Help with my problem.
    This is the 1st time in all my builds or upgrades that i've gotten a Bumb part..
    I looked @ MC site & their rate seems pretty fair.. I'll see how they treat me.
    I'd like to walk out a happy cusomer with a booting computer..
    Will let you know how this goes down..
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  12. Good job Smorzio, we took it to Micro Center & they confirmed it to be bad MB...
    they offered to lend me some tools to take MB out & make the swap for a different one.
    But without my glasses I figured their time was worthwhile & asked what they'sd charge me to swap for the good MB. $60 sounded fair to my...
    I got it home & the 1st screen i saw was insert boot disk so i stuck the Win7 Pro 64 in the Cd & away she went.
    Had a Great Tech @ M/C named Eric and he was very nice to work with.. I'll give them an A+......
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