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Hello, I am in the process of building a PC, I pretty much know what components I am going to use apart from the case. The main components I am going to use are a A-Bit KT7 Raid motherboard with a AMD Duron 650 CPU, does anyone have any suggestions / recomendations on what case I should get to house this, all the cases I have seen on sale are cheap generic and don't seem to be any good.

Thanks, DAN
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  1. outpost have some good ones and FREE SHIPPING too. Here is the link
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  2. I purchased the SuperMicro SC-750A in '98 for its size and cooling capability. It is constructed out of metal everywhere except the front bezel.It has room for 1 fdd,6 full-sized drives externally, (through the front bezel) and 2 3.5" and 1 full sized hd internally. It came with a dual purpose 300w power supply ( AT and ATX capable). The front bezel is lockable, the sides swing out like doors, and it came with 1 80cm fan that blows toward the cpu area and 1 80cm fan for exhaust out the back as well as the exhaust fan in the power supply. It also has mounts for 7 additionall 60cm fans, 3 in front and 2 on each side. It has always kept my cpu and case temps down in the high 30 deg C. to low 40 deg C., even when the ambient temp in the room was close to 90 deg F. I have populated all of the fan mounts to achieve a good circulation and it seems to work fine, however with all of those fans operating it gets a bit noisy. There is a total of 10 case fans operating and 3 fans on the vid cards ( voodoo2 sli and TNT agp) plus 3 fans on the PII 400 heatsink.
    As long as you like a well built case and don't mind the sound of an F-15 taking off, this is a great case.

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  3. Tornado case baby! Not cheap but rocks. I love how the motherboard tray slides out the case for easy work on the mother board. Also it comes with a 300 watt power supply and 4 case fans!

  4. Unless you're doing some serious overclocking or something, I would try to keep the extra fans to a minimum, as beyond a certain point you're just pushing more dust through there (unless you have filters) and increasing noise. I'm currently using a fairly inexpensive Aopen case that has served me well (overclocking my CPU from 300 to 450) for about a year and a half without any problems. There aren't any fans beside the one in the power supply, although that one does push quite a lot of air and is annoyingly audible in my bedroom. In noise is a huge problem, and cooling not so important, it's possible to purchase "Silencer" power supplies that are virtually noiseless.
  5. Look here:
  6. Ok, don´t buy a cheap "made in some place far away" case, cos it´ll cut you right open! Really, there are lots of razor sharp edges in it that can kill instantly..! ;)
    I´m going for the Aopen HQ08 (bigtower) or the Aopen HQ45 (miditower) they have different colors to choose from and the case looks good and solid. It can be taken apart in various ways, so you can remove the mainboard and the (PCI) cards at once! See their site for some nice details. The bigtower has 3 places for extra coolers. The power supply is 300Watt which should be sufficient.
  7. A while back I bought an Inwin Q500 full tower. I am very happy with it. My brother got one after seeing mine. Plenty of room in it, 300W supply, and good quality materials. Has the sliding mobo tray and removable sides. I don't know if you want the full tower, but the 12 bays in this puppy are nice.

    "Water-Cooled CPU Runner"
  8. I like both my Enlight and my A-Top AT800 cases. You can find details and reviews on cases at:
    There is no such thing as a screwless (screwball maybe) case but the AT800 comes close. The side fan does make it a bit noisy.

  9. try the fong kai fk603 at
    it's solid, got a 300w athlon approved p/s, and plenty of cooling, not too bad looking either.
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