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Its been about a week ive been ordering this and that for my toshiba notebook 5 a vga to rca and s video cord to watch netflix on my zenith tv. So hooked it up but nothing messed with the computer display like told but nothing. My tv has a DVI-HDTV input I was thinking about getting another adapater to go from the VGA to the RCA and then to the DVI-HDTV will this work before i order another part of line and wait for them to ship it. ANY ONE THAT CAN HELP ME P"LEAS REPLY ASAP GREAT"LY APPRECIATED
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  1. What laptop do u have?
  2. ... most HDTVs have a vga port on them somewhere (generally they are labeled as "PC" ports), I would try that first. Otherwise you are better off trying to get the S-Video to work as you cannot go from analog (VGA, s-video, rca) to digital (HDMI, DP, DVI) without major lag issues.

    Did you enable the external monitor (in this case the TV) within Windows? Desktop->Rt click->Properties/Screen Resolution->enable monitor #2
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