Will this soundcard fit in the PCI slot of my motherboard?


I am planning to buy an Asus Xonar D1 sound card and put it in my PCI slot, There is a version for PCI express, but I can only buy the D1 at the moment :

However I have a problem with my motherboard. I have an nvidia gt240 video card on a PCI-E and it is blocking 1 PCI slot, and the other one I am not quite sure.

Here is a picture of how it is:

So I am not quite sure if that could fit there. In my opinion, it should fit but it would look like is pasted to the video card's fan, but I still don't know if being in contact sound card with video card could cause a problem. And I am not even quite sure if it would fit.

So, my question here is, Is this enough space for a sound card like the one I mentioned to be inserted? Will it cause any problem in case it fits and it is in contact with the video card?

I thought about those PCI extenders cables, but I don't even know where they sell those, and even less in my location, so I will try to avoid those.
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  1. if it is a dual slot GPU then the 3rd slot is supposed to be available by design. admittedly that looks closer than usual. My concern would be GPU heat issues. but with the sound card being low profile it may be OK.

    I would use onboard sound, but if you need the card it should be OK. here's a thought though. Do you have any other pci cards lying around or in another machine? (I have a box of old modems etc.) doesn't matter what its for. any card will show you the fit and let you test gpu temps. a ruler or piece of cardboard straight up from the slot would let you see how close it would be too
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