Will the following motherboard fit 4 dual slot vga cards?


Thankyou, Appreciated if you can help. Also suggestions for similar boards that do have room if this one does not have any, thanks.
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  1. It's fine, but be aware that with PCIe 2.0 it will only be capable of 3-Way SLI (will still do Quad CF, though).
  2. Yea, its quad crossfire that im planning on. Also how is that motherboard overclocking wise?, Ive heard that p67 motherboards can have problems.
  3. Eh, P67 is just as good for OC'ing as Z68 and Z77 are. The only difference is the inability to use the iGPU on P67, which I doubt even means anything to you, in this case, lol.
  4. Ok, Yea im not too bothered about the iGPU, Ive never had a computer with built in graphics for cpu so its not going to effect me much :P

    Thanks for help :)
  5. You're welcome. :)
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