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I am currently running two ATI Radeon HD 5670 video cards what would be the best single card upgrade?
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  1. On average crossfired HD5670s are about on par with a single HD5770. There are tons of cards that are significantly faster than that at this point. So you will need to be more specific about what kind of upgrade you are looking for and what the rest of your system consists of including power supply and native resolution as well as how much you want to spend.
  2. It's an Alienware Aurora running on 1.5tb HD space 16 gigs of ram i want to say either 750 or 800 watt power supply liquid cooled im currently running at 1080X1920 resolution my main goal is to get some more powerful without breaking the bank and hopefully open up some space to add in a sound card
  3. Still not very specific on what you want to spend...
    This HD5850 is a great deal and should be over 50% faster than what you have now.
    If you want something better than that I would recommend an HD6950 or GTX 560 Ti. They are in the $230-$260 area and about 20%ish faster than the HD5850.
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