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I have a 5850 and it came with two 6 pin to 12v molex connections. The problem is my PSU only has 8 pin pci express connections for the power.

Looks for an adapator or maybe I'm doing something wrong? here is the card and you can see the 6 pins for yourself.
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  1. A psu with only 8 pin connectors sounds rather odd. Exactly what brand/model is it? Are you sure they aren't 6+2 connectors that can double as both? Like so;
  2. Yeah, it says one 6-pin and one 6 + 2. You should have the connectors you need. Just separate the 2 pin part and push it to the side when plugging it into the card.
  3. Dyjon54 said:

    You don't need any adapters to power your card if that is your power supply.
  4. Yeah I think I may have threw out some cables. Cause I am missing the 2 6 pins it says I am suppose to have I need a replacement.
  5. yeah I have no pci connections. Looking for something that might work
  6. That power supply you linked is not modular so it is basically impossible for you to have thrown out the cables... are you sure that is your PSU?
    FYI the video card you linked comes with 2 molex to 6-pin PCI-E adapters. At very least you should be able to use those.
  7. Well I can hook it up With the Molex connections, but I thought the Card had to be hooked up the the power supply PCI express 6 pin slots. When I hooked it up through the Molex the card was on but the screen was going blank after windows 7 booted up. I'm guessing the card is not getting enough power. Doesn't it need to be hooked up to the PCI express 6+2 pin?? Or maybe it is just a bad video card.
  8. It could be the drivers for the card as well. The card was working fine until i UPDATED THE DRIVERS. And now black screen right after windows boots up. think I may return the card and get nvidia if this continues I guess
  9. Well I think I may just return the card anyone know a fix for this? If not I will just buy an nvidia card I did some research and it seems other people are having the same problem.
  10. Both of the 6-pin power connectors on the card need to be connected to the PSU. It doesn't matter if it is with a 6 pin cable, the 6 pin part of the 6 + 2 cable or to a molex using the adapters included with the card. You really shouldn't have to use the adapters as your PSU has the proper cables. If it doesn't then the PSU you linked is not your PSU. In that case look at the chart on the side of the unit and tell us the brand and model number.
  11. its Modular. I can find out the exact model number. I just know that the PCI express 8 pin slot is empty. and I have 2 of them on my power supply. I thought I was suppose to hook the 6 pin to my 8 pin on my power supply. Thats why I was looking for an adapter. I think the other 6 pins I have are being used for something else. Mother Board or fans.
  12. Dyjon54 said:
    I think the other 6 pins I have are being used for something else. Mother Board or fans.

    No. The only place the 6 or 6+2 pin PSU connectors can be used is to provide 12 volt power to the video card.

    If you manage to stuff a PCIe power plug into the CPU socket, you will short 12 volts directly to ground.
  13. Yes, they are called PCI-E connectors because that is what they are used for. They cannot be used for the motherboard or for fans. The motherboard usually uses a 4 pin connector and a 20+4 connector. Fans use molex connectors.
  14. I will check again once I get home I'm out of town now. Is there anyway I could have thrown them out? I didn't have a use for them when I installed it.
  15. If it is a modular PSU then I guess that is possible.
  16. So If I lost this connection what would be a replacement for it? Stoping by Frys on the way home
  17. If your PSU is insufficient for the card then nothing will help other than a new PSU. If it can handle the card then the molex adapters should work. Alternately you may be able to contact the manufacturer of your PSU for replacement cables.
  18. thats what I thought. I think it is the card and not my psu. had it hooked up to molex and was running fine. updated drivers and then went to hell after that
  19. Is there any other system you could try it in? Do you have an IGP or back up video card to try installing the older drivers again?
  20. back up card is a 4650. It makes me sad because I won't find another deal like this for 144$
  21. Have you tried going back to the older drivers?
  22. Seems the card only works when the drivers are not installed. I guess since I am going to fry's anyways I may as well upgrade my PSU anyone recommend one?
  23. Looking on the site they have ok prices on the Antec Earthwatts PSUs. They are very high quality.
  24. would 500 be enough for a 5850 or a 460 gtx? I'm guessing it would. Just want to make sure.
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    Yeah, that PSU has 444w on the +12v rails. Both the HD5850 and the GTX 460 max out around 150w under stress testing so there will be more than enough power for the rest of the system even if you give the card a high overclock. If you want a PSU that is capable of SLI/crossfire for those cards I believe the 650w is $10 more.
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  27. Not as fast as the HD5850 but that card has nice cooling and can overclock a ton which should help it make up the difference.
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