First time builder.....few questions

Hey guys,

Well as the title implies this is my first build (signature.) My first question is about CPU voltages and frequencies.
According to Core Temp 1.0 my VID seems to be jumping back and forth from about 1.28 to 1.34v. Not sure if this is normal or if it is supposed to be a fixed voltage. And also before i set my windows power options to perfomance the frequency was also bouncing around alot....with an even bigger variation in the VID. I guess my question is, is this normal? Or is this some kind of PSU / MoBo stability issue? Thanks in i said i am very new to this with only a basic knowledge of BIOS and system stability.
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    The cpu will idle at 1.6ghz usually at .95 vcore to save power and the instant you need it, it will go up to full speed at 1.25v. Gigabyte mobos usually show a lower vcore from vdroop, what does the bios say your vcore is at? Also putting the windows power options to performance doesn't increase performance, any option can be changed in the advanced options anyways.
  2. 1.308 - 1.320 Back and forth.
  3. Voltage fluctuations are normal, as mentioned to reduce power when it is not needed.

    I wouldn't worry about it. If there was a major problem your computer would get glitches or simply crash.
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  5. roger...thanks guys.
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