Motherboard issues? Or something different?

Greetings ladies and gentlemen,

I just built a new PC and i'm unfortunately experiencing some strange issues. I'm not 100% sure which component generates it but i'm inclined to believe it's the motherboard,an AsRock H77 Pro4/MVP .

Please allow me to list the 'symptoms' :-)
1) The system starts as expected. I'm writing this message using that PC,actually. While the OS is loading i can hear two 'clicks' coming from the power source. When i shutdown the PC,right at the end,i can hear another two 'clicks'. Yes,these sounds which i can only compare with 'clicks' are coming from the PSU,no doubt about it. The PSU is a 750W Seasonic i kept from my older PC and which worked fine until i switched to the new system
2) After shutdown,if i try to reboot the computer,it doesn't work. I mean the coolers start spinning,everything looks fine,but i get no video signal and as far as i can tell there is no POST. There are no beeps whatsoever.
3) If i wait for about 10 minutes or so after step 2) and i try to start the computer again,it all works again as expected (minus the PSU clicks when starting and shutting down)

My first thought was the PSU is the culprit (although it worked just fine previously) and since i had a second PSU available i changed it. The same issues persisted with the second psu as well.. I changed the graphics card with an older one,the same issues,so i guess this rules out the graphics case as the source of my problems. Next,i changed the position of the RAM kits and tried it one by one,the problems were still there.

So,i guess this leaves the CPU and the motherboard.Or do you have another opinion? Is there anything else i might try/test or should i send the MB back to be fixed/replaced?

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  1. Do you still have the old computer?

    If so, try things from the new computer in the old one if you can. Whatever the other computer can support.

    I wouldn't guess the PSU to be the problem based on the fact that it is a fat Seasonic one, but if there is no doubt about it that the PSU is making the clicks then it does put the PSU on the table.

    Have you stress tested the computer while it is working? With something like AIDA64?

    Have you monitored your temperatures while you are in the OS?
  2. Yes,i still have the old computed.
    But before,some updates as i have some new info after a day of testing :-)

    Those clicks i mentioned at the loading screen of the OS and at shutdown were caused by my Asus Xonar D1 card not by the PSU. From what i could read it's the normal behavior of those cards.

    Unfortunately the system kept randomly not booting after i removed all the non-critical components. I left just the PSU,the MB and the CPU. I removed even the RAM thinking if everything is smooth so far i'll hear the bios warning beeps. When i powered the PC,sometimes i could hear the beeps sometimes i couldn't. Even when i couldn't hear the beeps the coolers were spinning. I replaced the PSU- although it worked just fine a day before,just to rule out the option of it being damaged. The same behavior with the second psu. Sometimes the system seemed to boot,sometimes it didn't. I'm 100% certain at least the second psu is working because it's currently powering the computer i'm using to write the message :-)
    So,i guess this leaves the MB or the CPU? I checked the cpu,the heatsink seems to be properly installed,the temperatures are ok. Could a damaged cpu behave like this?
  3. Something i forgot to mention. When i'm powering the system the PSU-and this time is definetly the psu-i can hear a click . I'm not hearing it if i'm using the psu to boot my old system. Could it be that i have a short somewhere? Or i just was 'lucky' enough to get a malfunctioning MB from factory?
  4. Please give me a full component list with maker/model of everything inside the case and for the case itself.

    Also, you said you replaced the PSU, if there were two different types then list both.
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