Would this be a decent future proof rig to pick up?

Hey guys,

Someone wants to sell their home built desktop with some pretty decent specs IMO. Was looking into buying it, but I want to make sure I have a decent mainboard with enough options to upgrade in the future if need be. Hes looking for $850 for all the following. Let me know if it might be something worth picking up. I will mainly be using it for VFX work. Compositing etc and also some graphic intensive games (Crysis 2). I will be upgrading the RAM to 16GB, and I want to upgrade to an i7 as soon as I have the funds.

Intel I5-750

Asus P755D-E Pro

Asus ENGTX460 1GB

G.Skill Ripjaws 4GB DDR3

Hard Drive:
Samsung Spinpoint F3 7200RPM 1TB

Power Supply:
Corsair 650TX 650W

CD/DVD Burner:
Sony Optiarc CD/DVD Burner

CPU Cooler
Cooler Master Hyper 212

Antec 300 Illusion

Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit


Logitech Ultra Thin Illuminated Keyboard

Asus ML238H 23" 1080P Led Backlit Screen

Logitech MX518

Logitech USB Microphone
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    If you want to upgrade to i7 second gen CPU, you need a new MoBo. Your best bet is to make your own system once you have enough money ($1000)
  2. The advantage to this system was that for $850 I get the LCD as well. How much could I better system for including a decent no fancy features 1080p 23" screen?
  3. $160 for a less know brand:
    $190 for a better know brand:
    And you still have at least $810 left (if the budget was 1000)
  4. My budget would actually be around $850. I'm looking for a good i7 with solid processing power for speed when I need to render 1080p frames out of my compositing package, a good graphics card for Crysis 2 on max, a min of 4GB ram for now, and the LCD screen. All the other components need to just match. I don't have any other specifics. Even a 500GB hdd for now would do. I can always add on later when I have the budget.
  5. If you are gaming, then an i5 2500k is as good as you are going to get. Yes the i7 2600k is "Better" but, in reality, you rather save the $100 for a better Graphics card because in gaming, you aren't going to see a difference. And you said "as soon as I have the funds." Well, don't buy your system until you have the funds so you can get a Kick-@** gaming machine.
  6. Hmm.. If I sold the i5 in this setup and upgraded to an i7-860, would that be enough for the moment? Or would be a better idea to just get a whole new system with support for the later i7s? Thing is, I havent been keeping up with desktop stuff for a while now so I'm unsure if I need a 2nd get i7 or if the i7-860 or something compatable with this system will be enough for me.

    Basically I don't WANT to spend more than about $850 on a setup, and when I saw this and saw that all this stuff was included, I figured it would be a good deal... If I forget about the processor thing for the moment and was looking at the price aspect would this then be a good buy for the price and also would this be good enough for Crysis 2 on max and some heavy rendering?
  7. Ok and I can get this setup for $800. Right now to me this sounds like a really good price for the above setup. Ignoring upgrades and stuff, whole new question. Would this be a good deal for $800? Or could I do better?

    Thanks for all the help!
  8. It wouldn't be a bad deal, won't be the best gaming PC...realize that:
    1) There is no warranty
    2) The parts are used, there is a higher chance of breaking
    If you really want to buy it, go ahead, but TBH, I think it's only worth $700-750
    EDIT: If you want to upgrade, you will want to buy a second gen intel CPU, therefore spending money on the CPU and the MoBo. Buying the i7 860 isn't worth it
  9. Ok thanks for the info! Thats really some helpful stuff. Maybe I'll be better off building a system from scratch.
  10. You would be, if you need help, I, along with the community will be here to help you
  11. Alright then, thats what I'll do! Thanks for the advice!
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