9800GX2 DEAD?

Okay so this is what happened, it was working fine...Getting the FPS every GX2 would give, I turned my pc off and then it wont give me display at the next boot. I have tried to put it on another CPU/ changed PSU to a new one. But I just dont get any display and the fans stay on its maximum speed forever! I have tried resetting the CMOS of my system and also of my brothers system. If I attatch 8500 GT to the same systems it works fine, so I assume my card has died? Can I get it fixed? :( Budget is low to buy a new one....*sorry for the english*
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  1. Sounds like you checked it out pretty thoroughly. Sure sounds like the card is dead to me. I had mine die, but I had a lifetime warranty so it wasn't too big of a deal (I had my replacement die, as well. Second replacement worked until I bought a 570). Seems like these cards have been failing frequently as of late. Only other thing you can do is try plugging your GX2 into someone elses machine and see if it works. My bet it it prob won't.

    Unless you have a warranty I don't think getting it fixed it feasible. Even if someone did offer that kind of service it would prob cost more than a new card would be worth. You could always try ebay or something to check for cheaper used cards. Sorry about your bad luck.
  2. Okay thanks, me too :(
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