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Is the ASUS z68 a good motherboard for gaming? I will pair it up with a intel i5 2500k and a Nvidia Gtx 550 tI
Does the motherboard support overclocking? Ive also read that this motherboards have loads of issues some are that the board dies after a short period of time without a reason.

Thanks in advance
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  1. ALL Z68 mobo's support OC'ing, and owning a Asus P8Z68-V LE myself, I can vouch for it being good quality. There are a few little niggles with it because it's the lower end LE and not just the P8Z68-V or Pro, but beyond that, I have no complaints.
  2. As DJ alluded, if you are getting an Asus Z68 board, stay away from the low end board (LE) and go with the middle or top board. You'll be happier with the quality all around.
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