Minimum requirements for HTPC processor?

Rebuilding an old pc, is a large tower. Can some tell me the min requirement, and possible "overkill" for a HT type PC? This will be a PC used for watching TV, so would also like to incorporate a TV tuner, and am unsure of this as well. Will not be a gaming machine. I have searched and have not really found my answer. Thx, DM
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  1. Generally a dual core CPU is good enough to run a HTPC. Pair it with a Radeon 6570 and you got a nice HTPC setup. So AMD Athlon/phenomII x2 or x3's do fine, same with Intel i3's.

    Depending on if you have cable or not: Ceton InfiniTV 4 $299.99 is expensive yeah, but comes with 4 tuners. So you can record 3 while watching one. And it can be shared over network to other machines in your network as well.
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