What do i need to build my first pc ?

Hello all,

Im in the market for building a new pc especially after I saw prices for Alienware, Tigerdirect, etc. Their prices just seem too much for the components I need. Anyways, I plan on using this pc for gaming, video encoding, photoshop, and Anvil/autocad software. My budget is 1800-1900 max. In terms of games I plan to use on this thing, Im mostly going to play Portal 2, Mass effect, and Starcraft II. I already have a list of what I need, and plan to go to liquid cooling, but Im having some trouble with motherboards and cpu, and OS compatibilities. Any help would be great.
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  1. What do you need help with?? "Im having some trouble with motherboards and cpu, and OS compatibilities isn't specific...please fill this form out first: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261222-31-build-advice
  2. Sorry for not following the reqs.


    Approx. purchase date: this weekend !
    Budget: 1800-1900
    Usage: Gaming, video encoding, photoshop, Anvil/Autocad
    Not required: Case, keyboard, mouse, monitor, Speakers, OS, Optical drive, Hard Drive, RAM, PSU.
    Preferred site(s): Most likely going to be buying from Fry's, but if I had to go online for some reason, Newegg.com
    Country: usa
    Parts Preference for parts needed:
    Motherboard- Intel i7 1366 Brand- any.
    Video Card- EVGA, ASUS, PNY
    Overclocking: Maybe
    SLI: Yes
    Monitor Res: 1920x1080
    Additional Comments:
    Would like to go the route of liquid cooling.

    Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 Full Tower Case- VN300M1W2N


    Samsung 256GB Solid State Drive (470 Series)

    DDR3 6GB 1600MHz TRI CH
  3. A little more info. on the Ram that you already have would be helpful - ddr2 or ddr3 and speed, manufacturer, model number. Also, on the PSU, What is the power rating, manufacturer and model number? What size is your hard drive?

    As for water cooling, usually completely unnecessary. You can get excellent aftermarket air coolers for less than half the price. Check out some of the ones listed in the builds in the "Systems: Newbuild" threads
  4. Water cooling is expensive, a pain to install and maintain, and mess to deal with if you do upgrades. I would never suggest or recommend anyone to install a water cooling system. You simply don't need it.
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