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Hello, I hope someone can help me. About two years ago my friend bought a pc designed mostly for music creation. He has a i7 920 and a gigabyte motherbord (not sure which model), and 3 1gb (1333mhz) sticks of samsung memory. He noticed that his pc struggles with certain music creation software when running multiple mucic creation tasks. He has been told he needs a memory upgrade, but is not sure what to buy. Not sure if HE should get faster ram, say 1600 mhz or just get 6 or 12gb of same speed ram. Also should he bother with triple channel as I have been reading that dual can be just as good.

Would appreciate any help, thanks!
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  1. We can't be certain about any answers, unless we know exactly whaich mbod he is using. Especially with a Gigabyte mbod. Gigabyte is known for memory incompatibility..... I recently had this problem myself, and had to look at their authorized memory vender list. Once we know the model of the mbod, we can give you an accurate recommendation. Just take the side panel off of your case, and look at the mbod. It will be on there. Find it and post it here. Best of luck.
  2. Ok I looked inside and could not see the actual model, but I can post a picture of it or get him to download cpuid if that will help!
  3. Ok I found out that the mobo is a EX58-UD5 and the cpu is an i7 920. So I just really need help choosing the best ram for this set up to run music creation applications!
  4. download the Memory Support List from here:

    recommend kingston, hynix, samsung, and some others...
  5. Ok thanks, and should I stick to triple channel or go dual. And what speed and how much, is 6gb enough!
  6. Triple is the best for your motherboard. 1600mhz and 1.5v seem to be the sweet spot. This is not on the qualified memory list but will probably work and is a good price.
  7. I'd make sure it's a RAM bottleneck and not CPU bottleneck. Assuming he's on Windows, have him open task manager and go the performance tab while he's doing whatever seems to be causing the issues. That's the easiest way to confirm it's a RAM issue.

    6gb versus 12gb... well, that mostly depends on cost. If he can afford 12, get that. If he can't, go with 6. He can always throw in another identical kit later on down the road. Key word being IDENTICAL.

    Also, looking over the mobo specs, it doesn't explicitly say that 1600MHz is supported... at least as far as plug-and-play goes and not having to screw with BIOS settings. EDIT: Never mind. It will support 1600MHz.
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