Is this cpu best for 1600x900p gaming

intel i5 2500,intel dh67cl,4gb kingston 4gb,msi gtx 560,corsair 450w psu,seagate hdd 500gb 6gbps and antec 300
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  1. That cpu is plenty powerful for all gaming.
  2. What's "1600x900p"? I hope that "P" is a typo and not something you imagined.
    The CPU and the GPU are good enough together for some very high resolution gaming.
    Although the PSU might just be cutting it too close, the max wattage of your GPU is about 292/300W under heavy load. If you add a few HDD's or DVD drives plus a few fans it's going to go pretty tough on the PSU. If possible go for a 500W 80+ PSU. That should be fine even if you were to ever go SLI on a new mobo.
    And the Board (Mobo) it's intel, not something I'd choose if I wanted to upgrade my stuff a little later.
  3. is this mobo ASUS P8H67-M-LE..a good mobo ur are saying that the processor and gpu is good enough for this res..ok i will change the board to asus and a corsair 55o is this specs okay..
  4. And could you get a higher rated psu?
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