Have my motherboard got pci express 2.0 or 3.0 ?

I have a asus m5a78l-m usb 3.0 and was thinking about buying a Asus GTX 580 which is pci express 2.0 or a ASUS Radeon HD 7850 which is pci express 3.0 just wondering if my motherboard will support the ASUS Radeon HD 7850 ? My motherboars says it supports
1 x PCIe x16
1 x PCIe x1
2 x PCI
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  1. Hello,

    A few things you need to know first:

    For either GPU, PCIE 2 provides enough bandwidth.

    Most current generation GPU's don't take advantage of PCIE3.

    What is your current budget for a graphics card? As well as your complete system specifications? CPU, RAM, SSD, HDD, Power Supply name/model and wattage. Also what resolution do you use? What kind of frame rates are you expecting/wanting in games?

    Your motherboard is PCIE 2 by the way.


    You cal also download GPU Z to show the details about your GPU:

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