Arrhhhh! Vortex II under Windows 2000

I recently Upgraded my Athlon 600 on a Gigabyte 7IXE, with an AMD Irongate750 chipset on it, to a Duron 650@900 on an Abit KT7-RAID with a VIA KT133 on it. My problem is this: On my old Mainboard, my Vortex II worked flawlessly with any drivers, but now, i can't get it to work properly. It will randomly just stop playing sound, Say in winamp, it will stop at 1:53 and never start again untill i restart windowz Any Help would be GREATLY appriciated
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  1. That is always why i go with Sound Blaster. They are a bigger company and they know what they are doing. Anyhow...check your drivers. See if they have new drivers for any of your hardware...including your bios and via drivers.
  2. I have a vortex2 2500, and it ran just fine in win2k pro (p2-400 system). I suggest getting the latest drivers first off, and hopefully your problem will be fixed. Also, check to see if you don't have an IRQ conflict...I had a problem with my tv card and my ps/2 mouse once--the mouse cursor would disappear when I watched TV, and I'd have to reboot for it to come back. The problem was that the mouse and tv tuner were both trying to hog IRQ 7 (or whatever). Anyway--check for a conflict...

    to SoulReaper:
    I luv my card, it's the best card I've ever used (especially when you consider the price, 20 bucks on ebay). Quadraphonic sound at a great price--compare to 100 dollars for a decent sb live...

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  3. I have aureal vortex2 sq2500 sound card and I have bad news to you...Vortex2 and any socket and/or slot(I`m not sure on that) amd based motherboards are incompatible to each other and I heard that it is hardware related...In short, probably these card will be stay incompitable...Maybe new 760 chipset from amd does not have this problem. I think you should ask tom himself by email...
  4. Well i got the same problem with W2k and i have the lates and greates in drivers :)
    I have no hardware conflicts with WII and the drivers installed just fine.
    There must be a bug somewhere :mad:

    - Stage
  5. I havn't personally used a Vortex card, but I have tried several times to get various versions of those cheap SB PCI 128 cards to work in 3 or 4 different AMD systems, and I have never seen one work. Certain sound cards just don't see to work in AMD systems. They were all soundcards that I would guess use the CPU to do their work for them instead of having real audio chips on them, perhaps those systems are only designed for Intel chips.
  6. You should go with XP, it has better drivers.
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