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Hyper 212 Evo doesnt fit with 4x4 corsair vengeance

I havent purchased the Evo just yet, but i hear it is really tight with the fan against the Corsair vengeance with heat spreader. Will I encounter this issue?

My planned mobo:

My planned RAM:

And I am hopign to buy a Hyper 212 Evo.

Do I need to replace the ram with 2x8 Low profile RAM and change the fan to a cougar?
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    Just get the LP version of the RAM. It'll save you a bunch of headaches because I don't think the regular version can fit; those heatspreaders are pretty tall.

    And for the fan, you really don't have to change to the cougar one. You can if you want, but I don't really see a crucial reason why you'd have to get it.

    - Jake
  2. Some thoughts for you:

    1) 1.5v ram does not need any heat spreaders. They are mostly for marketing, or possibly for record level overclockers.
    Buy ram with low or no heat spreaders.

    2) Normally, you mount the fan on the cm hyper coolers in a push orientation, on the side near the ram and pushing the air through the cooler and out the back. But, you can also mount the fan in a pull orientation, drawing cooling air in through the cooler.
    That way, the ram heat spreaders are not in the way.
  3. Thanks for the responses
  4. But about my mobo, will the heat sink surrounding the Socket interfere with the Evo?

    Planned mobo:
  5. I like the straight answer, thanks dude. lol
  6. In every instance that I've seen the Hyper 212 Evo + ASUS LGA 1155 + Vengence fits fine, and if for some odd reason it's tight put the fan on the other side of the HS assembly: <-|fan|HS|<RAM>.

    Nice post -

    IF you're gaming you want some form of heatsink on the RAM, no doubt the older 1.80v RAM was a lot hotter but prolonged hard use (gaming) cooler = stability.
  7. I am gonna game a bit, but I am still getting Vengeance Ram, but it is the Low Profile version (still has a heat sink). But if you put the fan on the right side <-|HS|Fan|<RAM>, then the fan might hit the tall heat spreaders. It is just easier to go with low profile because I Want the fan pointing up because I will have 2 140MM exhaust fans there, so it works out well.
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