Recommend a replacement for E2140

I have a Compaq Presario SR5310F:
Pentium Dual-Core E2140 (1.6Ghz)
ASUS IPILP-LC/Lancaster8-GL6 Mobo

I have this:
for reference on upgrades.

My question is am I even going to be able to find another CPU that will work with that motherboard? I've upgraded everything else to satisfactory levels (Soundcard, GPU, PSU, Ram etc). However, figuring out what will work versus the list in the link referenced above is giving me headaches. Thank you for your help in advance.
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  1. Now the Max TDP of that processor is 65W, which means the Board will support a Processor with a identical TDP to the max.
    This would be a good buy I'd say, if you have the dough.
    The reference upgrades do not list anything beyond what you already have in the rig, you could OC it.....
    Or go for the Wolfdale and risk it. The 775 is a dead option, so it would be worth it to look for other options for the upgrade process.
  2. C2D E4400 2GHz, get one on ebay if its very cheap for a small speed bump, else satrt saving for a new system. O/C on a HP/CPQ is not easy to do.
  3. Revision to my question. At this point the only original components to this machine are the mobo, cpu, optical and hard drives. In theory couldn't I just replace the mobo with something that frees up more cpu options, thus making it basically a frankenstein rig with a Compaq case? I realize I may have to get different ram depending on the mobo but that's not too horrible of a cost. I guess for that matter a new case wouldn't run me that much more either would it?
  4. Once I have a new OS, would I be able to wipe the drive and reuse it? Likewise I could swap necessary files over to another drive for backup right?
  5. Yes, you'd be able to do that pretty easily. You can even use the Windows Migration Tool.
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