Ethernet lan always showing "a network cable is unplugged"

hello sir,

i have stucked with LAN problem in my GA G41M combo motherboard. "A netwrok cable is unplugged" always showing on my desktop with and no lights are blinking at the RJ-45 connector bothsides. Earlier it was running very well but suddenly this problem occurred. From my side i have updated chipset driver & lan driver and also replaced ethernet cable, but still no improvment at all.

please try to find the solution.
waiting your reply...

thanks & regards
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  1. Even without the correct driver you should see some lights when a cable is pluged in... I would be looking at a add in network card.
  2. I got the same thing with my Realtek PCIe onboard card straight after last weeks MS updates. I went out and hav replaced it with a DLink board but still have the same problem.
  3. did you update bios as well?
  4. BerylLee said:
    did you update bios as well?

    yes i have updated it online with give utility software in motherboard driver disc and all possible bios setting manipulated but was'nt fruitfull.

    what's mean no blinking lights at RJ-45 on motherboard..?? Is it hardware problem..??
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