Best Mid tower case for a decent price

title says it all any ideas?

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  1. What do you call a decent price though Trixx? $60 max? $100?
    come on, at least give us a ceiling here :)
  2. erm £60 max
  3. oh and have space for water cooling as well
  4. What matters to you in a case?

  5. well i want

    a few led fans
    features: have room for a corsair h100 water cooling radiator.

  6. any use?
    Sorry for the $ man, I hadn't remembered your a U.K. member :)
    although led fans would have to be bought separately ofc
  7. If it's a Sandy Bridge build, I'd drop water cooling as a req't.

    For 50, ya have the Antec 300 .... better cooling in the Illusion version.

    The Corsair H series simply doesn't outperform the better air coolers like the Silver Arrow and, like all the H Series, the noise is like living next to an airport. SB won't see the thermal loads you can get out of a 950.
  8. i personally use and moto on dabs its 70 odd pounds :( antec 300 hmm hasnt got a window :/ like it though.

    sorry to be so picky thanks guys!
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    You can always mod a window if thats the only drawback :)
    lost the included psu or keep it as a known good for testing
    needs led fans adding ofc
    Df10 isn't £70, its £55?
  10. probably looking at the wrong one i was looking at this one :/

    df10 for me then :)
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  12. Yes the 35's nice but I was keeping the £60 as a firm number :)
    Thank you for B.a. man, glad to help
  13. thanks :)
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