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I wonder if anyone have seen a test with the new 16X writer from Yamaha? Maybe this is something for Tom´s Hardware to test!?
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  1. He should test everything
  2. Yeap, there is very good test with good benchmarks and graphs for them on CDRInfo (but this site is slow these days).

    Here is a link:

    Rochester Institute of Technology
  3. That is without BURN-Proof I think. Maybe it is times Tomshardware to comment something on BURN-Proof? Is it a good investment? Or should get what you say Yamaha 16x Writer?
  4. There IS NO SANYO's BURNPROOF or RICOH's JUSTLINK in this new drive...It is not a TRUE 16x drive...it is a 12x to 16x drive...Read the review from CDRINFO...
    If you Multi-task heavily then BurnProof is a great investment...Sanyo will release their 16x drives WITH BurnProof...Otherwise if you burn Cds and leave the machine on its own, then you can go for the Yamaha 16x...
  5. I purchased one of these drives about a week and a half ago and have been very satisfied with its performance. I have a two drive system, and burn all CDs from the secondary drive so that normal OS disk I/O does not prevent the buffer from being emptied. I did attempt to burn 1 CDR from my primary drive with a few other programs accessing the disk, and even the 8MB buffer emptied quickly at 16x, and the write failed. Using the secondary drive, however, I have yet to see it fall below 75%, even during heavy multi-tasking. Also, I have successfully burned 8x rated CDRs at 16X, though maybe half the time I try it is knocked down to 12X. Either way, I can start a burn job and head to the men's room, and when I return its usually finished. One thing that does bother me is the noise. When reading CD's (such as the software installation disks) it is louder than the 6 fan Compaq server across the way. It would be very annoying if I didn't use my normal 40X CD-ROM for CD reading. All in all a very nice product, though I think the 50% cost premium over 12X drives may be a little steep for those that don't do a lot of CD burning.
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