Terrible Internet As of Yesterday

Hello all.

Yesterday afternoon out of no where I noticed these white tears appearing on my screen and sometimes graphics from web pages would stick on my monitor and slide all over the place, looked like tetris on my screen or something. At first I thought my monitor was dying out or something, but I knew that wasn't the case since I just got and it and if it were my monitor then the tears and small dots would stick in one spot on my monitor instead of it going all over the place when I scrolled and whatnot.

Sometimes these multicoloured bars would appear at the bottom of my task bar as well as big white blocks out of nowhere on my desktop. So to test further I went into a video game where there were colours flying everywhere and screen tearing like no other as well as terrible FPS which lead me to believe my video card was dying. I restarted my computer and the problem vanished... went into a video game, nothing was wrong, browsed the net, no weird pixelations were popping up. I don't get it.

After all of this transpired and I started browsing again, everything (web pages) was loading up super slow and I was having terrible performance with online gaming, latencies through the roof, etc. I went on over to speedtest.net to check things over and it looked fine, 10.0mbps down, 1mbps up.

Pinged my gateway, ms times were in the single digits and lower teens, which is also perfectly fine. Then I started downloading some DLC content from Bioware and my download speeds were in the sub 100's... 800 lower than it used to be before yesterday. In fact, downloading from ANYWHERE is terrible, below 100 usually. Web pages that used to load in an instant now take over a minute to load up.

I called my internet provider and they said everything is green on both our ends. When I say my browsing is slow, I mean it now takes over 10 minutes for a 4 minute Youtube video to load, sometimes it won't, and in-game latencies are over 1000, rarely going below it.

All since yesterday when this problem came up.

System Information:

Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit
Wired cable internet, no router, just a modem
The network card is on the motherboard so I hope nothing got fried...

Any help to help me discover the issue would be great!
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  1. Try using a router to separate your computer from the rest of your ISP's network. Broadcast domains can cause issues and a router would put your home network in its own broadcast domain. idk if thats the real issue but its food for thought.

    Also, have you tried another computer? That will eliminate your main computer from the equation and then you would know for sure whether it was your internet connection or not.
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