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Should i get a HD 5770 or HD 6850 for gaming like wow, cod black ops, MW 2,etc.

PC Specs:

CPU: Intel Core i5-2400
PSU: Corsiar Enthusiast Series 650W
RAM: G.Skill RipJaws 4GB 1333(10666) x2
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB
CASE: Cooler Master HAF 912
MOBO: ASRock H61/U3S3
Monitor: Acer 21.5 Full HD Widescreen Monitor Res: 1920x1080
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  1. An HD6850 is certainly a better choice for 1080p but if you would prefer something both faster and cheaper there's this HD5850;
  2. I would go with the 6850.But either choice can max all those games out easily,espiscally comboed with your Sandy Bridge i5.
  3. which is better
  4. The 5850 is better in raw power but the 6850 isn't far behind and when O.C.'d it can surpass the 5850.But since their the same price the 5850 is the better choice.
  5. At 1080p the HD5850 is 10-15% faster than the HD6850 on average. The HD5770 is much weaker than either.
  6. that HD 5850 doesnt have any reviews
  7. and also i want to run 2 1280x1024 monitors on a single gpu which gpu is good for dat... this is for a freind
  8. so a 5850 is better than a 5770 CF
  9. 5770 CF is not worth the headaches you would be much better served by a 5850. With such a nice cpu I would splurge for at least a 6950 2 gig, although the 5850 should serve you fine.
  10. Crossfired HD5770s would be faster but also cost about $100 more. If you are going to spend that much you would be better off with something like an HD6950 or GTX 560 Ti.
  11. but that 5850 only has one dvi port so i can't use dual monitors
  12. Their are others,all 5850's are realtively cheap for the performance they provide.
  13. The HD5850 actually supports 3 monitors. You will just need to use an adapter if neither of your monitors have an HDMI cable. They are quite cheap. Here is one for $2.75 shipped;
  14. that 5850 is an absolute steal. grab it and don't hesitate.
  15. so it will max out wow and COD black ops
  16. Yes, though WoW will have certain performance increases/decreases depending on your Internet speed.
  17. the sapphire site doesnt have the drivers so i will have to use the disc
  18. You should always ignore the driver disc that comes with video cards(and most other devices as well.) The drivers included are always outdated. You should get the latest drivers directly from AMD;
  19. Agree.

    Always go to AMD/ATI's website looks under "Support&Drivers" fill in your info and get the latest drivers for your system.Drivers on the Disc are usually the drivers that first came out for the card.
  20. gamerkila57 said:
    so it will max out wow and COD black ops

    max out as in max graphic settings on 1080p and playable frame rates? short answer... yes. long answer...yes and here are the benchmarks.,696250/Radeon-HD-5850-reviewed-The-DirectX-11-bargain/Reviews/?page=14,2668.html,2672.html,2666.html

    For that price it's easily the best card available on the market right now. As I said, if you're in need of an upgrade, grab it and don't hesitate. $140 and free shipping is absolutely nutso...

    WoW is quite old and very CPU intensive, so the frame rates will more heavily rely on a fast CPU than a very good video card. Generally speaking, you're not likely to run into a game like that too often (at least not from newer titles).

    5850 performs quite well in x-fire as well. not nearly as good as the 6000 class GPUs (which are just damn incredible in x-fire) but still respectable.
  21. It would be fine if it wasn't out of stock.
  22. Yes thats a really good one.I'd say it's better than the Saphire.
  23. thanks i'll order it when they get it in stock...... how many watts will i need to crossfirex 2 of these
  24. I wouldn't necessarily count on it being back in stock soon or that it will be the same price when it is.
    HD5850s use a lil over 200w in crossfire during normal gaming, 280w under stress testing like in Furmark.
  25. so 650w but i hope it comes back in stock
  26. Yeah, a 650w PSU from a good brand should be enough for crossfired HD5850s.
  27. do you think it will be good with a amd Phenom II x4 955BE
  28. Yes it will but you might want to O.C. a little to get the most out of them.Being a B.E. it should be effortless to get a couple hundred mhz out of it.
  29. thank u all for all your help
  30. Why go with a 5770 when you can get a 5850 from sapphire for just 10-20$ more?

    The phenom II chews up a lot of power, particularly when overclocked. They don't scale linearly with voltage increases (1.4v-ish to 3.6-3.8ghz but nearing 1.5vcore to to get over 4ghz, and that eats up a lot of watts). It won't be the bottleneck in your system even with dual 5850's and at stock, so don't worry about that.
  31. its out of stock
  32. Always go with the more powerful single card.Running a dual card setup can become quite a hastle and not all games support it,so you may have 2 cards but since the game doesn't support crossfire you'll only be using 1 which is a waste of money.

    Get the Saphire 5850.If the reviews bother you that much you can just get one of the 6850's which are just as good.
  33. gamerkila57 said:
    its out of stock

    Ah, didn't notice!

    If you can wait till they restock I'd suggest buying the 5850 or shelling out another 10-20$ on top of the 5850 to buy a 6850.

    The 5850 is generally a bit of a stronger video card, but only in single card setups where DX11 tesselation isn't being used. The 6850 is more expensive, slightly weaker (by only a few FPS in general) but scales magnificently in crossfire and has improved DX11 support.

    So if you're going to crossfire in the future then you want to go with the 6850. If not then buy the 5850. It's not worth shelling out less cash for a 5770 at this point, even though it's a great card it's just too close in price to the other two.
  34. The Sapphire 5850 is out of stock on newegg but it is in stock other places like amazon, tigerdirect and for $150. Still a better deal than those HD5770s.
  35. how much power do i need to crossfirex 2 hd 6850
  36. 600 watt should do fine.

    not very much. Unlike nvidia cards, they don't draw a lot of power under load. Imo, right now they are the best video cards for the money right beside the 6950 2GB version.
  38. so should i get a single HD 6850 or Crossfire 2 HD 6850 and plus i will be using duel monitors
  39. You should get a 6850,if you have enough money then yes get 2,you can use dual monitors on a single card anyway but using them in crossfire will just make it stronger.
    Do you have a Mobo that can support x2 GPU's?
  40. yes i have a mobo that supports 2 GPU's.... so i'll just add a second later down the road
  41. Whats the speed on the seoncd PCI-Express x16 slot?
  42. (x16 and x4)
  43. I would save up for a new mobo and the 2nd card.With the slot running at x4 you won't get the most out of the 2nd card.
  44. I could do that or just get one and stick with dat
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