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I am on my second HP Laptop with motherboard problems and this time I refuse to replace it. This recent laptop is less than 3 years old and I've taken special care of it. Never dropped it, spilled antything on it or misused it in anyway. I updated infor regularly, but still in all it died! It first began to run hot then I couldn't boot it up then the screen went black. I was a diehard HP buyer but now I will NEVER buy HP again! I can't belive how many reviews and complaints I've read from other HP owners and the problems sound identical. There definitely needs to be a Case Action Lawsuit against HP for selling faulty laptops. We can all be imagining the "SAME" problems!!!! I just missed seeing the class action lawsuit for the HP inkjet :pfff:
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  1. HP's warranty on most laptops is only 1 year. A class-action because yours failed at ~3 years might be a tough sell.

    My laptop is six years old and the only thing that has died on it so far is the battery, which is not too much of an issue since I usually have access to AC power anywhere I need to use it anyway. Having to think twice before switching location is a little annoying.
  2. buy a new battery then LOL.

    wanting to do a class action law suit because your laptop only lasted 3 years is insane. not dropping it or spilling on it does not qualify as.taking special care. ignoring symptoms such as it running hot and not cleaning out the ducts/fans is more you than them. and how does it stop booting THEN the screen go black lol
  3. If you were actually able to bring a class action suite against a company on the grounds that their products don't last forever then everyone would do it, mate.

    You know what?.....I recently had a GE box fan fail on me.....GE, you are so sued.
  4. 3 years out of a laptop and you are complaining? LOL. Its never anyones fault but the maufacturer. Buy a new laptop.
  5. unksol said:
    buy a new battery then LOL.

    I'm not going to waste $200 on a new battery for my six years old laptop when I can buy a new laptop that is at least twice as fast, has triple the RAM, quadruple the HDD space, higher definition screen, etc. for ~$400.
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