Ps3 will not let me host games

ps3 will not let me be host when playing games if ps3 is plugged into wired port of wireless will let me host if i plug ps3 directly into dsl modem.
any help would be apreciated.
Do you think a dsl modem and wireless router combo would help my cause? If so,what is a good one for $200 or less?
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  1. It could be your wireless settings on the ps3. Since you can host games on it while plugging it directly into modem and you cannot host them wirelessly. Think of it like this. wireless works the same way a pair of walky talkies or a radio station's transmition to your car. Just how you can go to 92.1 and hear a garbled song then change it to 94.9 and you could hear the same song but much much more clearly. They all have a set channel they use in order to communicate properly. If there is a wireless option on your ps3 what you need to do is go into the modem page by typing the ip of it into your web browser. once there you need to find what channel your wireless modem is broadcasting and set your ps3 to the same exact channel your modem is broadcasting its signal too. post a reply and tell us how it goes.
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