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i keep getting a frozen screen when i start my computer i turn it off and back on a window open that said re lauch i press enter then it starts to scan next window said startup repair failed do u want to restore i press yes and the computer is fine until the day and it starts all over again how can i fix this
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  1. When you restart the computer hold down the F8 key as soon as it gets past the BIOS screen (the screen that flashes HP or dell, or gateway or what ever brand your PC is) . It will then ask you how you want to boot, use the up and down arrow keys to select "last working configuration" and hit enter to try that.

    If that doesn't work restart again holding down F8 after the BIOS and select "safe mode"

    If it loads in safe mode a screen will pop up asking if you want to restore to a previous point in time. Click yes. Select a date/event from the list and then follow the instructions.

    This may fix your issue.
  2. Can you boot into safe mode? If that does ok, the first place to start looking is at installed drivers. Have you updated any device drivers or added any new hardware recently?

    Is the window that comes up talking about the scan from Microsoft?

    You could also try to use the repair utility on your win7 install disk. Select system restore. If you have multiple choices, choose one dated earlier than when your problems started. Be careful to not go back farther than needed since system restore will, as implied, undo changes in driver and system settings - including ones you made that have been working.

    Edit: sorry for the more or less duplicate suggestion. I was unaware of bobusboy replying at the same time.
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