Mobo HEAT problem (Critical) --> RAMPAGE 3 FORMULA

Hello geeks !

Hehehehe, I would like to receive some input from you pro of the OC and custom system. I'm working in computers but my formation is far from the OC ground and such stuff. Mostly, building system was a past-time for me in my youth.

For the problem, I have a Rampage 3 Formula motherboard stock from the factory running with stock setting (I played a lot with this mobo but for our problem today it's back to stock setting and problem persist).

My temp on idle (Running windows 7 and IE) :

Processor : 47C / 117F (Used TIM from Noctua : NT-H1)
(Cores varies from 40-45C / 106-113F)
North Bridge : 66C / 151F
South Bridge 61C / 142F
GPU1 : 44C / 111F
GPU2 : 54C / 129F

My system :
It's an optimized system running with a Twelve Hundred for the case that give me maximum airflow (all fan slot are used). That mean 6 x 120mm (4 front with 2 rear) plus 1 x 200mm on top of the case. On my CPU, I used the NOCTUA NH-U12P SE2. My SLI Graphic card are two Nvidia GTX580 Twin Frozr II with their large full card size stock cooler. My ram is 12 gig of Corsair Dominator GT that come stock with heatsink. The power supply is a CoolerMaster Silent Pro M1000 with twin fan that blow heat out of the case.

In summary, I think I got a well build system that SHOULD be heat efficient but my North and South bridge temps are high ! The real problem started when my system began to shutdown with the error "IOH Over Temp (South Bridge)". The build-in protection prevented my system to melt at least two time recently. I am really worried about what's going on and I don't understand how it can build up so much heat.

With a higher load, look at the temp : (Ex, a game like Max Payne 3)
Processor : 52C / 126F
North Bridge : 77C / 171F
South Bridge 71C / 160F

Also I guess my GPU2 higher temp is normal since it partially overlap that hot South Bridge.

From my research, I've found that this board seem to have a poor TIM applied to the NB and SB cooler, replacing it may improve performance but I'm still looking for your opinions guys, I really wonder what the heck is wrong with my board for it to reach alert level and shutdown the whole system unexpectedly.

Thanks in advance for your inputs, it'll be really appreciated.

P.S. I've open a web ticket with Asus but their support form seem so screwed up that I don't even expect any support from'em, that's a shame... I might try to call'em monday instead.

The mobo temp itself seem not so high, it seems to run at 46C / 113F.

EDIT 2 :
After a while of heavy load, there's the temp :
Processor : 56C / 133F (Used TIM from Noctua : NT-H1)
(Cores varies from 48-55C / 118-131F)
North Bridge : 77C / 171F
South Bridge 70C / 158F
GPU1 : 65C / F
GPU2 : 62C / 142F
Mobo : 49C / 120F
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  1. Bump anyone ?
  2. Bump anyone ?
  3. Last Bump, anyone ?
  4. Bumb, my south bridge runs hot as well :( 72C~80C
  5. 76C here. I've replaced the thermal paste and still not much better.
    Would love to find a solution.
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