Prebuild, or build yourself PLEASE HELP!!

Okay so i was hoping for a new pc. i thought about building one on a bugdet of around 500-550 £ after delivery and OS. and here what i came up with :

MOBO + CPU + Memory:

case: (i kno its out of stock for now)


WiFi for inet connection:

CD drive:


this rig is needed for all rts , and maybe some games lik gta4 but most of all it must perform these tasks for a long future.

after searching around i also found this prebuild :

reviews are very good and at least i have piece of mind itl work out of the box... but which option is better ?

Please help

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  1. please specify the name of the product not just links.
    no psu??
  2. Socket 1156 is dead. If you ever want to upgrade the processor in the future, you should go 1155 and sandy bridge for now. You should have access to the ivy bridge processors when they come out that way. Otherwise, you will be limited to socket 1156 CPUs for upgrades and they will be harder to find as time goes on.
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