Core 2 Duo e6750

I feel this is the best place to ask advice on a strange CPU heating issue I seem to have.

First of all my system:
Core 2 Duo e6750 (running at stock speed - with Freezer 13 heatsink/fan)
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R Motherboard
Nvidia GeForce 9600gt GPU
Coolermaster CM690 Case

For some reason under idle I'm showing the following temps:
Speedfan: 60C
Real Temp: 55C
CPUID Hardware Monitor: 60C

Under load:
Close to 80, or sometimes even above on all.

Now my heat sink is installed correctly (as far as I can tell) and I have used the correct amount of thermal paste. I've overclocked to 3GHz at one point - but downclocked due to the high heat levels. I'm not running at stock speeds with the ridiculous temperatures I have now. I also have 5x 12cm case fans installed in the right positions with the correct airflow directions to ensure they get rid of heat quickly.
One issue I can see if that my CPU fan runs at just over 1000rpm - although I've checked BIOS to ensure that the fan runs at full speed by disabling automatic fan speed.

Something isn't quite right here and for the life of me I cant figure out what. Does anyone have any suggestions at all that could help?

Thank you.
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  1. "I'm not running at stock speeds with the ridiculous temperatures I have now."

    This sentence can be ignored because it makes no sense at all, terribly sorry!
  2. It did indeed, when I overclocked it it ran fine (about 60 degrees under load - and that was on a stock cooler too).
    This has all happened since installing this freezer 13 heatsink but i refuse to believe it could be anything to do with bad mounting. I'm using the exact right amount of thermal goo and there's only really one way you can install a heatsink on a 775 chipset.
    Would it be anything to do with it being 30 degrees outside and not far off that temperature in my living room where my PC is sat?
  3. terribly sorry to bump but does anyone have any ideas on this?
  4. If the problem started after you installed the new cooler, that is where you need to start looking. It is very likely that you have a pushpin improperly installed.
  5. I noticed your new Freezer 13 has a pre-applied thermal compound pad already installed onto the base. Did you add paste to that? If so remove paste and reinstall. You can remove that pad and use your paste if you would like, also if you can lap your base to a smooth flat surface. Works best if you can see a coin reflection on the surface
  6. you could also try switching the orientation of the heatsink+fan by 90 degrees.
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