Touchpad Issues

I have this Acer Netbook "Aspire One D260".

I just installed Windows 7 on it. Everything works but the Touchpad and "Multi-Gesture" are not working. The only thing I can do is move the mouse pointer and nothing else like scrolling up or down, Multi-Gesture etc.

What I have already done.

- Installed the Alps Touchpad Driver from Acer website
- Installed Windows 7 twice thinking there might be some corrupt files

Could experts suggest a solution to that plz!!!

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  1. Have you try running it as admin when installing? and maybe you try older driver version [with XP compatibility mode].
  2. Yes Arska555, I did try that.
  3. Have you check the chipset driver? maybe that is old or not installed correctly?

    at the same time look in the device manager for any yellow signs...
  4. There are no Yellow signs of exclamation.
    Device manager says "Working okay"
    Chipset is all updated :((
  5. Last thing, when did it work last time? and have you open the netbook? coz maybe it's the connection?
  6. It was working 2 days before... for some reasons I had to reinstall windows and here I am.
    I did not open the Netbook though
  7. when you have reinstalled windows did you formatted the hdd? if not then there can be a restore partition, try to restore that and once it's done see if it works there again and if so then save and backup all of the drivers for a new windows installation...

    this is my last input :) can't think of anything anymore.
  8. I formatted the HDD and nothing is working. I am stuck.
  9. If you do open it, then clean with alcohol the connection before you connect back just in case [clean dry before connecting back],

    have you try "ALPS Touchpad Driver 7.5.2002.1115" and "ELANTECH Touchpad Driver"?

    Do you have the latest BIOS? version 3.15 2011/06/07?
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