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Not sure exactly where to post this. I am hoping someone can help me figure out what is causing my problem so I can fix it ASAP.

The problem is this:


a. Windows will fail to load (from a cold start)
b. Windows will load if I let the system warm up for abit (just figured this out)
c. no error messages in event viewer
d. no error "beeps" at start up
e. no ques to indiciate an issue (artifacting, physical dmg, smells, sounds, etc)


The problem is this: from a cold start (only when the PC has been shut off for a few hours) will the PC fail to boot into windows. However, if I don't shut the PC off - everything works just fine.

Last time I couldn't get into windows and thought windows boot table was screwed up, or possibly some nasty piece of malware, so I put in another hard drive, full format, and reinstall - worked great for the last couple of weeks or so .. bam shut the PC off last night cause it was ridiculously hot in here, and voila same issue when I woke up this morning and tried to get in to windows.

I have tested the memory, seems to check out. No issues, but memory tests aren't always 100%
This has happened on 2 different hard drives (what I had finally decided was the issue last time) so this is a fresh install, of a different version of windows 7 even, had been running fine.

I have tried to call a couple of shops in town, but of course they aren't going to be of any help over the phone, they want me to bring it in so they can charge me 65$/hr to figure out the issue.

So, I am really hoping someone can help me narrow this down please.

This has happened to me before a couple of weeks ago as I mentioned... then I used to run 2 hdds, one was a IDE and the other a SATA. I had the computer freeze on me a couple of times, which is what made me think it was the hdd. So i stopped using the SATA (it was my main) and ran everything on the IDE (to test).

Which was fine for a few days, then it started doing the freezing as well. So then I thought I had it figured out, it was just some malware, so I formatted the SATA and reinstalled windows (a completely different version of windows even) and everything was great, until I shut my PC off overnight and it wouldn't boot into windows the next morning.

I am really at a loss.

It's been fine since I got it back into windows. No issues. I just can't turn it off, or reboot for fear of not being able to get back into windows again.

I was thinking it could be the thermal creme getting thin
Possibly a mainboard issue
Possibly a PSU issue

I just don't have any spare parts to test swap, and money is tight at the moment, so I can only afford to replace 1 thing.

I am really really hoping someone here can help me, and if this is in the wrong (which it most likely is) I am terribly sorry for that.

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  1. Could you give more clear definition about "fail to boot to the windows"
    like where it happen, like on the bios POST screen, past the POST test or an infinite wait on the first windows loading time.

    also, I don't think it's about the thermal paste.
  2. it happens like infinite wait on the windows load screen, I'll see the little symbol glowing and then it will just stop and nothing.

    sometimes it will get just past that screen - but not quite into windows and stop there.
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