Atom N550

i'm buying a asus netbook with intel atom n550, 1gb ddr3 with intel GMA 3150.

i'm currently using mac book aluminium p7350 2.0ghz c2d, 4gb ddr3 on both mac oc and windows 7.

i just used for internet, gtalk, word, excel, file transfer and storage and sync for my android ph and tab. + an antivirus (probably bit defender 2012)

for movie, i've dedicated TV + DVD palyer, for gaming, i've desktop PC, so these facts are not into consideration.

so will the n550 be enough for my needs. i mostly use and play with my phone and desktop with a paid antivirus.

this netbook is mainly for data storage/sync.


also, what's the comparison with amd e350 with this setup which is almost 150 usd more expensive.
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  1. Until I got to the last line, I was just going to tell you to go for the HP DM1Z.
    The Atom will do perfectly fine for your needs, but if you have the dough, I'd still suggest you go for the e350. It's a lot more faster in a lot of programs other than games. Since you don't need the gaming attributes of the net-top. I would suggest going for it, firstly screens bigger, secondly more powerful in nearly all aspects.
  2. yes, i do love the larger screen,

    11-12 inches is far better than 10 inch screen with hd resolution.

    and better graphic of course.

    but i'm not sure is that, how about the battery life and cpu performance of n550 vs e350.

    atom has 2 core + HT so windows will see as 4 core, also amd is dual core but intel in better in cpu architecture, right?

    also how about battery life? i love netbook running whole day without chargning.

    the AMD APU provide about 5-6 hour of normal use?

    thanks for your response.
  3. yup, the battery is rated for upto 5 Hrs with the e350.
    No , the Atom is a dual core and will show only 2 cores but when it comes to mobility, AMD has the crown.
    The Atom sucks when it comes under load and the e350 just flows.
  4. ok, thanks friend

    i'll check e350

    also asus has e350 with 12 inch eeepc.

    how about that.

  5. That's a really amazing Netbook, with a 8+hr power rating and a lot of muscle. For 300to 400 Bucks it's , I must say, a must.
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