Ivy Bridge vs Sandy Bridge for laptop

I want to buy a laptop soon, but I don't know if I want to wait or buy now. I see that Ivy Bridge is coming soon and I don't know if its worth waiting. I am planning to use this new laptop for college and for some gaming. So my question is Ivy Bridge or Sandy Bridge
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  1. If you can wait at least 5months then Ivy Bridge, if not then you can't go wrong on Sandy Bridge.
  2. My recommendation is to avoid 2620M, 2540M and 2520M.
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    Here is some good info for you:

    Comparison of Mobile Processors (CPU Benchmarks)

    Laptop Video Graphics Cards - Benchmark List
  4. I'm not sure when Ivy Bridge mobile CPUs will be release, but it is usually after the desktop CPUs will be released. Since desktop Ivy Bridge is expected to released in March 2012, the mobile CPUs may be either April or May 2012.

    Some sites estimate that Ivy Bridge's CPU core should be up to 20% faster than Sandy Bridge's CPU core. The expected big improvement is in the graphics core which is estimated to be about 50% - 60% more powerful than the Intel HD 3000 graphics core. That sounds impressive, but that would only be a little faster than the desktop Radeon HD 5550 graphic card.
  5. hey sorry for taking so long to respond to this. didnt expect such a quick response :). also is it worth waiting for the ati radeon 7000M (with ivy bridge), or would a high range 6000 (with sandy bridge) be better? thanks!
  6. I believe the Radeon HD 7xxx series is expected to be released in Dec 2011; next month. But I think only the mid range gaming cards are going to be released, not the high end graphic cards. Meaning probably something like "HD 7750" to "HD 7870" range of video cards.

    What's the expected performance increase compared to the current HD 6xxx series? Hopefully better than the Radeon HD 5xxx => Radeon HD 6xxx performance increase. The Radeon HD 6xxx series was mostly a transitional change in design. Gotta wait for benchmarks.

    But since we are talking about laptops, the mobile version of the Radeon HD 7xxx series will be released after the desktop versions. Will that be at the same time as the mobile Ivy Bridge CPUs? Don't know.
  7. :(. It got delayed to June so I think I might go with the Samsung Series 7.
  8. Like arska555 said, you can't go wrong with a Sand Bridge. Man, can those things fly!

    Some of these suggestions might be worth taking a look at.
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