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I am planning to upgrade my Ram from 2 x 128 Meg Kinston Ram CL3 (333) to 3 x 128 Meg Apacer VC Ram CL2. I heard from few sources that VC Ram are faster. This computer is running WIN2K and mainly for games ( Q3, UT, AOE2 etc ). 3DMark2000 (1024X768X16 Default) Default D3D Setting is around 6500. Please advice me.....Thanks.

Win2K SP1, DX8, Detonator 7.17
Thunderbird 1 Gig + A7V (Rev 1.02 ) + FOP38
Abit Siluro GTS 2 64 Meg
2 x 20 gig Baracuda ATA II
Asus 8X DVDRom
AOpen 52X CDRom
SB Live Player
3Com905B NIC
Enlight 300W PS
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  1. 3DMark has always been slow in W2k... I'm not sure abut VCRam. Maybe there are things to be done in the BIOS. Or maybe 3dmark doesn't like VCRAm. By the way how much are those VCRams?
  2. I've heard that you can get a 10-15% performance increase with 3d apps when you use VC Ram. How much are you paying for it?
  3. It cost me about RM480-00 (In Malaysia) per 128 Meg Stick which in about USD125-00.
    I already have it installed on my computer but only 2 sticks (128Meg Stick)as they ran out of stock. I can feel the difference. The only thing to mention is they are rated as 322 by SPD but when i set it to 222, sisoft sandra 2000 didnt give me any performance difference. CPU 480 FPU 540.
    Wonder are those VC Ram are indifference betweem CL2 and CL3
  4. Hey Malaysian, I'm Malaysian too.

    Morgan 1.6Ghz + 256DDR = Dream on
  5. Cool! DDR Wouldnt be around for at least 2 to 3 Months , and there is the Golden Rules saying " New Products are either extremely Good or extremely Bad", so to see how stable is the new platform, we need to wait for another 2-3 Months. Further need a new processor too (266 FSB). Therefore it is better for me just to get some ram at the moment (i just upgraded my machine from PIII866 to TB1gig) so it would be better for me to upgrade to DDR somewhere June next year.. Or else would be live is Debt hehe
  6. I am going to buy DDR platform no matter what because it is the fastest platform around (I think)

    Morgan 1.6Ghz + 256DDR = Dream on
    However dreams are approacable :wink:
  7. What is vc ram, I can't find info on it anywhere. My board says it can use it, but I can't find it for sale anywhere.
  8. <i>Virtual Channel Memory</i>.
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    PDF doc: <A HREF="$file/13154e20.pdf" target="_new">$file/13154e20.pdf</A>

    Morgan 1.6Ghz + 256DDR = Dream on
    However dreams are approacable :wink:
  9. Yeah guys who come here are willing to spend their $$$ on a lot of their dream system. Many people here also spend a lot of $$$ on their dream girl. Many people here also spend a lot of $$$ to achieve their dreams. :smile:

    Morgan 1.6Ghz + 256DDR SDRAM = Dream on
    However dreams are approacable :wink:
  10. True .. But when actually we can get DDR Board , DDR Ram and 266 Mhz Thunderbird in Malaysia?

    Another thing is with DX8 u need more Ram... I just recently installed DX8 and now after Q3 and UT my peak memory utilisation is about 330 Meg Bytes, as i wouldnt want using Pagefile on the HD so more Ram is needed. I really cant wait for DDR..... 3 months is damn too long.
  11. I would wait, no matter what. Maybe I am not as rich as you are :smile:

    Smart guys are not smart because they only see things at a different perspective. :wink:
  12. I just ordered a new 1.2 gig system from Alienware with 384 meg of VCRam. From what I have read, it is designed for improving multitasking. It has new registers and buffers.
    I would be extremely interested in seeing some benchmarks (hint hint) from Tom.
  13. Yeah ! I really wish that Tomshardware Could do some comparison with PC Ram vs VC Ram.

    * 100% Trust to Tomshardware Reviews *
  14. I remember one review of VC RAM but just couldn't remember... ARGHH!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: . Let me check... oh I give up. Does anybody remember a site reviewing VCRAM where the reviewer says that 'handling the vcram is like handling a goldbar', which cost $1000 then? Man, I just can't remember. :frown:

    Smart guys are not smart because they only see things at a different perspective. :wink:
  15. I, like you, have an A7V and wondered what VC ram could doso I asked Van if they were going to do a comparison or a review of VC ram, he didn't respond directly but in one of his bits n' bytes said they are working on one.
  16. Cool ! Hope that they could do it as fast as possible !!!
    Cant Wait...and DDR will be here is couple of months
  17. Actually DDR SDRAM is available for purchase on the net today and actually as of a couple of weeks ago. Crucial will allow you as a engineer to purchase DDR SDRAM off there site Your welcome, but remember no motherboards out there yet to support this line of memory. Chaintech will have a board out for purchase before Christmas.
  18. VC SDRAM is not a replacement for SDRAM. It is a change in architecture. That is to say that there could be a version of DDR SDRAM that is "Virtual Channel". It works with many memory types. Right now what appears to be available is VC SDRAM PC133. At least that is what I ordered for my new system.
  19. So we would have DDR VC SDRAM?

    Smart guys are not smart; they only see things in different perspective.
    1st <b>member</b>!
  20. If we could get those in our hands would now until days before the release of DDR be a good time to buy since DDR prices will skyrocket, like when the Euro is launched?

    Smart guys are not smart; they only see things in different perspective.
    1st <b>member</b>!
  21. I have put in 3 X 128 Meg VC Ram from Apacer , and i can feel there is a difference , but my Kingstons Ram was CL3.

    Now Sisoft Memory Benchmark On Win2K SP1
    CPU 480 FPU 540 feel satisfy :)
  22. Kingston has a lifetime guarantee!
    Will you give this away for a mere 1% or so?
  23. Yeah, i put the Kingston Ram to Asus CUSL2 + PIII866 for my brother. I would commend that Kingston CL3 ram is damns stable but rather slow cause it is a CL3 :). Really wanted to see a review on VC Ram ....
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