Correct Raid Driver to Slipstream 32bit XP?

Asrock 970 Extreme 4, AMD Phenom II 955 BE, 8gig G.Skill RipjawsX PC3-17000, 2x Nvidia 6800GT, XP 32bit Home Ed.

Ok, I tried slipstreaming what I thought was the correct raid driver into my XP. However, once it gets to the point of saving Windows files (right after you would normally load them with f6) it BSOD's.

I am thinking it's me not slipsteaming the right driver. The way ASRock's got their raid drivers setup isn't condusive to slip streaming as I am used to it.

Any help out there?

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  1. Honestly, don't use XP. it shouldn't be being installed on anything anymore. Also, you are running 32 bit with 8 gigs of ram?
  2. Well, let's skip past whether you think I should or shouldn't use XP. It's not pertinent to my question. I got a good deal on 8 gigs and should I decide to upgrade, I can use the extra ram as the newer operating systems are resource hogs.

    For anyone else, if you don't actually have a comment useful to the topic at hand, please save yourself some time and post elsewhere, witty but pointless banter helps none of us.
  3. Use this driver -> "5/3/2012 Windows® XP 608.99KB SATA RAID Driver" -

    General gist (substitute the driver listed above for steps 13 & 14) -

    You can use IDE mode in the BIOS, and make certain you have an image of XP SP2 or SP3; ISO (32-bit) -
  4. Thanks (sincere thanks, not being sarcastic), I actually have slip streamed before, so no worries there. The dilema is that ASRock's file comprises several raid drivers for different platforms. On the 970 when running a raid, you are (according to their instructions) to disable ide mode if you are going to use raid.

    If you try to Slipstream more than one raid driver it will usually cause a BSOD. If you install the wrong one, the same issue.

    And for those interested, to provide a clearer image, the first link Jaquith linked is the RAID bundle I am wrestling with. If you download it, you will see numerous files. For a slipstreaming, loading more than one RAID driver can cause issues.

    Of those, I need just one, and the one in the x86 folder that I assumed was correct, still gave me a BSOD.
  5. What I meant by 'IDE' is to install XP without slipstream. Yep, I know there's several to choose from an nope I don't have any idea which is the correct one to use. Intel yeah I have a pretty good idea.

    Their Guide is as clear as mud -

    Read me from the drivers:

    Contents on the disk
    README TXT This readme file
    AHCIx86 Microsoft Windows miniport disk label file
    AHCIx64 Microsoft Windows miniport disk label file
    TXTSETUP OEM Microsoft Windows miniport text mode setup file
    x86\AHCIx86 INF Microsoft Windows miniport setup file
    x86\AHCIx86 SYS Microsoft Windows miniport driver for x86 compatible platforms
    x86\AHCIx86 CAT Microsoft Windows WHQL Certified catalog file (place holder)
    x64\AHCIx64 INF Microsoft Windows miniport setup file
    x64\AHCIx64 SYS Microsoft Windows miniport driver for x64 platforms
    x64\AHCIx64 CAT Microsoft Windows WHQL Certified catalog file (place holder)

    Software Version
    Microsoft Windows miniport driver 3.3.1540.13

    Assuming 32-bit:
  6. That's what tried the first time, but I must have had a bad slipstream, because it worked the second time. Thank you very much!
  7. Cool! :sol:
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