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Would this PSU suffice?

Hi everyone! New member here. :hello:

Right now, I have an Antec Earthwatts 650w Green PSU.

My current specs:
AMD Phenom x4 955 (Planning on upgrading to AMD FX-8150 upon release).
1x GTX 560 Ti
2x4gb DDR3 G Skill
Gigabyte AM3+ 990fxa-ud3

I have been considering getting another 560 Ti for an SLI build in the near future, once I have the cash, however I am unsure if my PSU can handle it.

Here are some pics of the PSU, including specs.

Help is much appreciated.
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  1. Yes it can handle it.
  2. I see, I have been reading mixed opinions.
  3. That's weird, 650W will probably handle 560 SLI.
  4. Here is something I have read,

    "You will notice that both PCI-E connectors are joined to take 12V3 all to themselves. Which, I remind you, is rated for 25A. This means that you should be able to run a single GTX 280 on this bad boy, but one only. And really, SLI on those things takes something bigger than 650W anyway."


    GTX 560 Ti has a TDP of 170 watts
    AMD Phenom x4 955 [125 Watt TDP]

    hunter315 you are right sorry, dident see the Green part.
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    Thats for the original EA 650, the newer EA 650 Green has 2 rails with 38 A OCP limits on it that have a combined 54 A available so you dont need to worry about the OCP limits on it.

    Guru3d had a full system power draw of 449W with two GTX 560 Ti under full stress load. That is well within the capabilities of the EA 650 Green.
  6. The link below has a tutorial that will show you how to calculate the PSU power requirements for your current and future PC build. Then you won't need to guess.
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