Is my graphics card causing this? and how do I fix it?

Hello, so i just installed BFBC2 and runs everything maxed out smoothly

the problem is that the weapon, faces and flags textures are jumping rapidly around the screen making the game unplayable.

I've tried updating/backdating graphic drivers, run virus program,cc cleaner, turned down all settings, tried windowed mode and even reinstalled the game, but nothing has worked so far


SYSTEM (4 months old)

Windows 7 64 bit
ATI 6850
AMD Phenom II 965
4gb Ram

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Run memtest on your system memory. Report back.
  2. I'm sorry but I'm really not a computer person :-/ Thanks for your reply though..

    Could you guide me through this memtest you're speaking of?
  3. Is this problem happening on any other game?

    You also might want to try reinstalling DirectX.

    It does look like a graphics card issue, all things considered.
  4. Google memtest. I used the Memtest86+ on my new build. It sounds like a memory issue (system or GPU). Somehow the location matrix, that determines where on the screen an item gets located, is getting corrupted or there is another problem with your GPU hardware causing the problem. I don't think it is a driver problem.
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