AMR/ISA/PCI modems?

Anyone got an opinions on AMR modems? Are they V90/K6flex complient?
How about ISA Modems? I have seen a couple in adds. Are they any good?
Or should I stick to PCI ones?
Please feel free to suggest any tried and tested performers!
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  1. I bought a Diamond PCI card for my ASCU-2 which was on sale. Couldn't find a AMR unit any way and this MB has plenty of PCI slots.
  2. My experiance with Modems: You get what you pay for. The 3Com Winmodem for example is half the price of the FaxModem and in most cases will only connect at about 28.8. The FaxModem at almost twice the price will connect at between 38k and 44k. (On MY phone Line.) The Diomond Super Max (about $40) connects at max 28.8, The Diomond Supre Express (about $80) connects at 38k or better. These test were on the same phone line.
  3. PCI modems are mostlyWinModems, that is they only work on windows platforms and give some of the burden to the PC, like when you dial up to your isp the mouse pointer freezes momentarily or MP3's stop playing a little bit.

    I think most ISA modems are not WinModems, non winModems are a bit better because they do all the work themselves and don't tie up your cpu, they also work on non Windows OS's.

    You can get PCI modems that aren't WinModems.

    AMR modems are hard to find and not really worth the effort to look for it seems, they do even less of the work than WinModems, this may not bother you of course but if you want your computer to have as many free resources as possible then you should go for a non WinModem modem. They're a little bit more expensive though.

    I have heard that WinModems have slightly slower connection speeds than non-WinModems. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. :)

  4. AMR is one of those spoofie technologies that looks good on paper but sux in the end. you will see the same thing that happened to RAMBUS to the AMR slot.
  5. I personally just stick with ISA modems. Some PCI modems are decent, but from my experience, it's better to just be sure and use an ISA. ISA modems usually seem to give me better connection speed, better reliability, and free up a lot more CPU speed (after all, I'm still trying to squeeze as much as I can out of my old Celeron 300A o/c to 450).
  6. I'd suggest you a PCI modem (hardware). Since ISA slots are disappearing from most motherboards, you'll might have to buy a new modem when you'll upgrade your PC. ISA peripherals also have a real bad habit of being slow (which doesn't really matter for a modem), and using a lot of processor time.
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