Hello, I just currently took apart my old pc and put it in a new case. And there were a few things that were different than my old case and I'm not sure exactly what they are for. I would like to know what to do if I have a 3 pin power plug (not 2-pin which is what I have instructions for), and what a couple of these plug-in's are for on my motherboard since there is very little documentation on my model and I need someone with a bit of experience to explain it to me. What I would like to know is what J9, P17, and what the sockets to the right of J18 is. Also, where can I put a cpu speakers in my motherboard since my case came with one and I thought I would use it. Below I liked all of the mobo specs off of the hp website and the numbers I'm referring to are according to the bottom of the page.

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  1. Is anyone able to help?
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